Monday, July 11, 2011

Productive, yet unsatisfactory.

Brandon Boyd - A Night Without Cars

Indeed. Finished a term paper, placed some calls, had a solid practise session, rehearsed for presentation.

Now I have to study for a quiz an print out two term papers.

Piece of cake.

I am currently pissed off at everyone who is politically involved. Ever since the Bersih rally, I've read too many stories of people not happy with everything under the sun. Overnight, we've all turned into a bunch of cynical jaded bitter sarcastic dissatisfied citizens of Malaysia.

Okay. Let me see this from the protesters point of view :

1. The authorities arrested people who were planning to practise their free speech. I say 'planning' because they arrested them BEFORE any shit went down. They weren't guilty of anything yet, except probably for wearing yellow t-shirts. This is the first time ever I've heard the government be proactive.

2. The police first said they didn't receive any permit application for a rally. Then they said it's approved to be done at a stadium. Then they revoked the permit. THEN they gave it back. On Saturday they tried to block everyone from reaching the stadium. +10 for being proactive, -15 for an intense case of indecisiveness.

3. Police brutality was apparently rampant. The policemen were also rude, rough, and unjust. In Malay, I guess the proper word is 'biadap'. Or 'perangai macam babi'. Whichever is fine.

4. Can't think of anything else actually. Mmmm. Brownies.

Right. Now, from the bad guy's side :

1. The rally is going to disturb the peace and could be violent etc. Pretty true actually, I mean, not all 10000 (5000 if you're the Malaysian government and 25000 if you're CNN) protesters are good-spirited, kind, honest people, I'm sure. Plus, they pretty much ruined some Malaysians' much-awaited weekend.

2. They do not have a permit..... Well. They did. Or not. No one really knows, actually. Why is the voice in my head reading all this with a British accent?

3. It's a political cover by the oppositions to incite violence and blablabla... I don't think all the guys who protested wanted the PR to be in power or something. They just didn't want any corrupted bullshit to happen during elections. Well, some of them wanted that. A lot of others were just there for fun. And to update their FB statuses/Twitter. However, I think maybe there was a hint of political motive there. I mean, anything to undermine the government, right?

4. The cops were just doing their jobs. True, I guess. I mean, they were pissy cause you kinda spoiled their Saturday too. They were brutal, I guess, because they're men who believe that violence is always the answer. If you let policewomen join the front line, everyone will just be nagged to death. The protesters will run, I tell you, RUN at the sound of a woman's high-pitched scoldings. OR if they get beaten up they'll never make noise because a) You never hit a woman and b) You'll lose your man-card if you admit a woman beat the crap out of you. Guess the cops never thought of that.

Anyway. I don't like it either way because

a) The government isn't really doing a good job at the moment
b) The citizens are a little bit too dissatisfied
c) Unstable government + unhappy citizens = Chaos

So I shall stop thinking about this.

Cliched rhetorical question : Why can't we all just get along?



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